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The Permanent Peoples Tribunal

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Following on the Hearing of the Permanent Peoples Tribunal in London in November 2018, and as one of the co-convening groups, we became acutely aware of the Hostile Environment in the UK and how all migrants are affected. We want to show solidarity with migrants who are living in spaces without rights and to campaign for their human dignity as workers to be restored.


  • To support all migrant domestic workers in our search for justice, for fair wages and decent working and living conditions. In other words, to have domestic work in private households recognized as work under Employment legislation

  • Along with Unite the Union and other organisations with similar objectives we aim to facilitate our learning and understanding of the society in which we are living

  • To actively campaign for the UK government to sign, ratify and implement the ILO Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers - C 189

  • In solidarity with all undocumented migrants and refugees in the UK, we join the campaigns for regularisation for all, knowing that as human beings we have a legitimate right to travel in order to create a decent life for ourselves and our families. World-wide people have travelled for this since the beginning of time. Migrating is not a crime.

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